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Aims & Objects
Prof. Dr. Ayaz Hussain Qadri, Chairman of the Department of Sindhi, was requested to prepare the PC-I for the  proposed Chair, through letter No. S-6/86-522 dated 4-9-1986. The aims and objectives, as described in the PC-I were: * To organize and promote research on the life, poetry, times and the works of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, and on the  branches of learning which have relevance to the study and understanding of the vision of Shah Latif, i.e. History,  Philosophy, Sociology, Comparative Religions, Tasawuf (Mysticism). Literature and Art. * To establish a research library and a museum, acquire research material/documents etc, including manuscripts  of Shah-Jo-Risalo and works relevant to the study of Shah Latif. * To hold and sponsor lectures, talks, seminars, meetings, study groups and conferences on the subjects close to  the poetry and philosophy of Shah Latif and to participate in similar activities organized by other organizations. * To publish books, pamphlets and journals to achieve the objectives. * To institute fellowship. * To translate Shah-Jo-Risalo and works on Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai in English, Urdu and other languages. * To translate into Sindhi and Urdu all such literature which may promote his thoughts. * To compile, translate and publish articles and literature, which may promote brotherhood and unity among the  people of Pakistan in order to achieve objectives of national integration and cohesion.
The principal aim of the Chair is to initiate research on different aspects of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai’s life and poetry, and  to publish books and periodicals regularly to facilitate the students and general public to understand his philosophy. In  order to spread his message of peace, love and brotherhood among the people of Sindh, Pakistan and the world. The  Chair would organize extension lectures, seminars and conferences at local, national and international level. The  working of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai Chair is monitored by an Advisory Committee especially constituted for this purpose,  for a tenure of four years. All appointments are made and important decisions are taken on the recommendations of the  committee, the syndicate will be the final authority. Following are the members of the Advisory Committee. 
1. Prof. Dr. Khalid M. Iraqi Inchair            Acting Vice Chancellor,     University of Karachi. 2. Prof. Dr. Nusrat Idrees Member     Dean Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences     University of Karachi. 3. Ms. Mahtab Akbar Rashdi Member 4. Prof. Dr. Saleem Shahzad Member     Registrar,     University of Karachi. 5. Prof. M. Saleem Memon Member/Secretary     Director,     Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai Chair, University of Karachi.
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